Fundraising support personnel - Help in the planning of different events to raise money for Tennessee Valley UNITE.  Qualifications include a positive attitude, enthusiasm and willingness to reach out into the community for support.

Sibling Group Coordinator - Responsibilities include planning fun events for siblings of all ages.  Qualifications include being able to plan events for little children as well as older teenagers.  You should enjoy spending time with children and helping them talk about problems they may be having at home.  In the future we may have certain events run by a counselor.

Peer Modeling Group Coordinator - During the summer we have several events every month where we pair neurotypical peer models with special needs individuals.  The peer models are responsible for being a friend, modeling appropriate behaviors and helping the special needs individuals with any tasks they may be troubling for them.  Qualifications include free time during the day to plan activities and carry them out, enjoying spending time with children, and an energetic and fun personality.

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