Our Programs



Please find us on Facebook under "Tennessee Valley Unite Support Group" for more information. This is a place for members to UNITE and share their triumphs and challenges as they face each day.  We rally together to provide a supportive atmosphere where you can go to get the latest information from others in our community about doctors, therapies and inclusive settings for our special needs family and friends.


Educational seminars and workshops

Seminars and workshops are held once a month through local churches, daycares, and schools to help educate members of our community in becoming more inclusive and understanding the needs of individuals with disability. *Please visit our calendar for more information on upcoming events*



Members of UNITE train and educate the local first responder groups including Police Officers and EMTs.



Our outreach programs includes promoting acceptance and inclusion through local small businesses and programs in the community. Please visit our partners page to learn more about small businesses and programs that offer inclusive environments where special needs individuals are accepted and celebrated.



We offer resources and references to assist with IEP meetings, legal advise, and healthcare.



Part of UNITE's mission is to promote understanding, acceptance, and educate community members including siblings of special needs individuals. Here at UNITE, we create events where siblings can go and relate to one another about how it feels to have a special needs sibling.  These events are all about the sibling and having fun.  They get to play, communicate and enjoy their time without worrying about anything else.