What it's like to experience sensory overload by Aaron Tanner

One of the common symptoms of Autism is having Sensory Processing Disorder, which involves a breakdown of the brain recognizing stimuli with the different senses. As a result, many on the spectrum have meltdowns due to sensory overload.

Although my biggest issue with sensory stimuli is with sound, there are other issues I have including the way a tag in the back of my shirt feels on my skin or the texture of certain foods. When I sense overload coming on, I will often remove myself from the situation, pray and then if I am able, I listen to calming music, such as gospel music and old hymns.

I recently found a couple of videos that give a real-life simulation of what it is like to have sensory overload. Even while listening and watching these videos in a controlled environment, I felt a little uneasy. The meltdowns often occur when I am in a situation where it is so loud and multiple different conversations are going on that I cannot hear myself think. However, I am better at recognizing being overstimulated than when I was younger.

Anyhow, below are the videos highlighting what it is like to have sensory overload. Fair warning that these videos are a bit intense. Comment in the section below about tips and tricks you have used when you have experienced sensory overload.

Sensory Overload.

Sensory Overload In A Classroom